Bamako, Mali

NYLENI ' S DAY OR FIGHTING WOMEN' DAY II EDITION : A great opportunity to promote women through sport .

JOUNEES DU PARCOURS DES NYELENI OU DES FEMMES BATTANTES : Une belle opportunité de promotion féminine par le sport

As part of the 2nd edition of “Nyéléni's day or fighting women day”, the Women and Sports Commission of the National Olympic and Sporting Committee of Mali (NOSCM) organized a big sports march this Saturday, January 08, 2022.

Our aim is to promote and boost female sports practice in our country.

For this second edition, the Women and Sport Commission of NOSCM had programmed two flagship activities. The celebration thus began on December 23, 2021 with a seminar on the topic: Sport-Gender-Diversity, to better understand the role of women in the Olympic movement.

The second activity, which took place on Saturday January 08, 2022, brought together representatives of all sports structures and sports partners. "It aims to enable everyone to live in good health, celebrate gender equality and ensure women and girls empowerment " said Colonel-Major Brahima DIABATE.

On behalf of President Habib SISSOKO, he congratulated SY Aminata Makou TRAORE, Chairperson of NOSCM 's Women and Sport Commission, for her dynamism and he urged her to continue like that in order to carry the torch of Nyéléni women even higher in Mali.

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